aboutThe Kings Head

The Kings Head has been a public house in Market Street Alton for at least 160 years. The earliest entry in public records for the pub is from 1855 when the ‘Licensed Victualler’ (what we now call a landlord!) was stated as Edward Bone, followed by John Howe in 1859. However we believe the site has been trading as a pub for many years prior to public records started but suffice to say, we have been around for quite a while!

We currently do not offer meals but if enough of our regular customers, and new friends to the site, demand it – we will deliver a food offer to suit even the most demanding palate. Let us know what you think would be your preference. Fill in our newsletter subscription on our contacts page and let us know what you think. We will be sure to let you know WHATS ON from here on in!

As Benjamin Franklin once (almost) said: "Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy"

So join us to be loved by God and be happy – you know it makes sense!

Activity nights

Our ethos is FUN! Of course we serve fantastic drinks, scrumptious snacks and have the best staff in the county of Hampshire but we also like to have a laugh. Look out for our activity nights – games, competitions, daft stuff and more but never too naughty and definitely not dangerous!

The only injuries you might suffer are a tickled funny bone and split sides from laughing too much. Are you up for it?

Live Sky Sports shown here


Sky, BT Sport and terrestrial – what more could you ask for? We show all of the major sporting events – and can show different games in different bars – to meet all of customers’ loyalties and preferences (although Robin, who originally moved to the town from Nottingham, still gets a bit miffed when we cannot find archery on any channel).

Look out for our posters, notices on the web site or call in and ask if we can show your preference – we will always try and meet your needs.

Bands and acts

If music be the food of love – play on! We LOVE live bands, disco, karaoke or just a good old sing song. We are loud (but not too much as we recognise and value our neighbours!) and proud.

See our posters and keep up with our web site for forthcoming events and music. You won’t want to miss a thing!

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